This talk was given by my manager Sandeep Singhal today. There were over 600 people at the talk! The talk was a broad overview of all the work our group is doing in the peer to peer collaboration space, and is a broader version (includes lots of details on the peer channel work we are doing with Windows Communication Foundation) of the talk I did at Meltdown.

There were some excellent questions asked, and the overall impressions tended to be quite positive. We are looking forward to hearing from you on your scenarios, so that we can incorporate any requirements that come out of it into the platform. We are looking forward to working with you, making it easy for you to build on the infrastructure we offer.

My talk is next on Thursday at 10am, and will be a deep dive into how you can do peer to peer collaboration with people located nearby. This feature is codenamed People Near Me (PNM). If you are at the PDC, I look forward to seeing you there. I'll be doing a couple of demos, showing code, and drilling down into the architecture of this feature, and how you would enhance an existing application (or build a new one) to include PNM functionality.