Hey everyone,

First of all, I would like to thank Mike Watson for his encouragement and help in joining the SharePoint blogging community.  I initially tried to get out of it, stating that I simply didn't have time for this type of activity in my daily life; however after consideration, and several weeks of working day and night Monday through Sunday, I have managed to clear up enough of my existing work that I can now devote time to writing blogs.  There is however one dilemma: I'm new to this whole blogging thing.

Another challenge I've been struggling with is choosing a starting point.  I have no idea what topics people want to read about, or what they need to know about.  For that reason, I want to take some suggestions to sort of get the ball rolling and give meaning to my otherwise random ramblings.  Once things get started, and I make this part of a regular routine, I'm sure I'll have more ideas for topics than I have time to write about.

There are of course some things to be aware of before asking me to blog about a specific topic:

  • I'm an infrastructure guy, not a developer - Don't ask for me to post developer-related topics, developer topics will be low priority because I want to provide readers with quality posts and in-depth knowledge of SharePoint.
  • I'm not going to blog about anything internal to Microsoft - Don't ask me about any future releases of any products that Microsoft may or may not be working on (I like working for Microsoft and intend to be here a long time)
  • Pretty much anything else goes

I'm excited about this new community and I look forward to blogging future topics of your choice!