June, 2008

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    Microsoft Interactive Media Manager - Soluzione per i media


    Microsoft ha realizzato una soluzione per gestire al meglio i flussi di pre e post production. L'idea nasce dal fatto che, come per altre applicazioni software, gran parte delle attivita' prevedo interventi manuali molto frequenti.

    Partendo da Office , ed in particolare da Sharepoint, i nostri ingegneri hanno creato una soluzione per automatizzare attivita' di pre e post production usando semplici tool video via web e implementando alcuni workflow in Sharepoint che permetto l'automazione di un bel po' di attivita'. Non ultimo e' stato creato un metadata repository in Sharepoint per gestire successivamente i dati.

    Ecco sotto alcune anticipazioni, maggiori dettagli sulla soluzione qui.

    Interactive Media Manager
    A rich, collaborative media management solution for pre-production, post-production and production environments.

    Microsoft Interactive Media Manager is a collaborative media management solution that extends Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007 for media and entertainment companies. The solution builds on existing technology investments, and helps companies create an end-to-end content production system accessible by everyone. In addition, Interactive Media Manager easily integrates with Microsoft business intelligence tools, giving management insight into production details.

    Microsoft engages with a carefully selected group of top-tier, media-focused partners to deliver and extend Interactive Media Manager. The end result is a tailored, enterprise solution that reduces operational costs and helps companies become more agile so they can quickly pursue new opportunities. With an open, standards-based architecture, the Microsoft Interactive Media Manager provides a highly-extensible, highly-scalable platform that supports custom development on top of existing investments. By taking advantage of the first-class collaboration and media-focused capabilities available in IMM, companies can empower their people to drive business success.


    Media & Entertainment Interactive Media Manager - SharePoint Player console




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    PDC 2008 ... Tenetevi aggiornati


    Non mancate!   Evento di eccezionale importanza per capire le strategie di Microsoft per il futuro degli sviluppi della application platform.

    Ecco il sito -->  http://www.microsoftpdc.com  


    Experience the Future of the Microsoft® Platform

    Since 1991, the Professional Developers Conference (PDC) has been Microsoft’s premier gathering of leading-edge developers and architects. Attend the PDC to understand the future of the Microsoft platform and to exchange ideas with fellow professionals. You’ll learn about upcoming products, meet Microsoft’s leaders and top engineers, write some code, and be inspired! Unplug for a few days and think about the future.

    • Explore the full breadth of the Microsoft platform in more than 160 technical sessions
    • Roll up your sleeves, get your hands dirty, and explore the latest technology for yourself in the hands-on labs
    • Attend a day-long pre-conference seminar to get deep training, best practices, and insightful advice from industry experts (*additional fee required).
    • Take the opportunity to interact with your peers and Microsoft staff in a variety of community-focused events like Ask the Experts and in the PDC Lounges
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    Microsoft Enterprise Mashups - Nuovo sito


    E' appena stato attivato un nuovo sito dedicato ad un tema caldo: Enterprise Mashups

    Eccolo qua!

    Il sito raccoglie un po' di informazioni sullo stato dell'arte in casa Microsoft per questa interessante tematica.

    Vi segnalo altresi l'interessate white paper che si trova nel sito di cui riporto uno stralcio della home:

    Enterprise Mashups

    Mashups are one of the most repeated buzzwords in the industry. What are they? What is the value to your organization? What are the challenges of adopting mashup technologies across your enterprise? Learn how enterprise mashups help empower business users to solve business problems on their own, something that Microsoft pioneered many years ago. Learn also how Office SharePoint Server is an important part of the overall Microsoft enterprise mashup vision and how it helps you navigate the challenges that mashups bring to your enterprise.

    Generate deeper insights

    Microsoft helps users combine multiple information sources in creative ways to generate new insights, without the complexities, costs and risks of information or application integration projects, by consolidating disparate information sources.

    Empower people via self-service

    Microsoft empowers end users to create tactical and opportunistic solutions on their own, without requiring dedicated support from your IT organization.

    Communicate through contextual visualizations

    With SharePoint, users can create visually appealing dashboards with creative ways of conveying information in context.

    Reduce application backlog without losing control and governance

    Your IT organization can increase its scale and scope, and increase end user and organizational satisfaction, while maintaining control over existing corporate assets.

    Highlighted Topics
    Highlighted Topics

    • White paper: SharePoint: A Platform for Enterprise and Social Mashups
      J.R. Arredondo discusses enterprise mashups, their relevance to business users, and the technologies that make enterprise mashups a reality. We also discuss how SharePoint Products and Technologies address the challenges and roadblocks to the enterprise adoption of mashups, and how enterprise mashups initiatives should be seen within the context of a broader enterprise social computing strategy.

    • Amplify The Impact Of Your People With Enterprise 2.0 Technologies (Enterprise 2.0 Conference Keynote)
      Derek Burney, Microsoft's General Manager of SharePoint Platform & Tools, discusses advances in social computing, composite applications and mash-ups, and unified communications are creating value for enterprises by changing the way people collaborate, innovate, and communicate—not only internally but also with customers, partners and suppliers.


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    Un passo avanti verso il social networking in azienda


    E' appena stato annunciato pubblicamente un interessate progetto interno denominto Townsquare che permette di tenersi aggiornati sulle attivita' dei colleghi di lavoro e favorisce la diffusione della conoscenza in azienda come assett fondamentale per la crescita personale e di gruppo.

    L'articolo completo qui

    Ecco un estratto:


    Chris Pratley, general manager of Office Labs, is slated to disclose details of the prototype -- called TownSquare -- Thursday at the Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston. He spoke to Computerworld about the project, which was launched in January and has already been used by about 8,000 Microsoft employees.

    With a layout that is strikingly similar to Facebook.com's (in which Microsoft invested $240 million in October 2007), TownSquare is fueled by enterprise news feeds that use Web services to query SharePoint for public information, such as promotions and company anniversaries, about an employee.

    TownSquare also notifies users when a document or file is modified. Users can customize their feeds and monitor who is receiving information about them.

    In early January, Pratley's group told 100 Microsoft employees about the network. Since then, 8,000 employees who learned of TownSquare by word of mouth have visited the network at least once, Pratley noted. About 700 use it daily..."


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