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Enterprise Mashups

Mashups are one of the most repeated buzzwords in the industry. What are they? What is the value to your organization? What are the challenges of adopting mashup technologies across your enterprise? Learn how enterprise mashups help empower business users to solve business problems on their own, something that Microsoft pioneered many years ago. Learn also how Office SharePoint Server is an important part of the overall Microsoft enterprise mashup vision and how it helps you navigate the challenges that mashups bring to your enterprise.

Generate deeper insights

Microsoft helps users combine multiple information sources in creative ways to generate new insights, without the complexities, costs and risks of information or application integration projects, by consolidating disparate information sources.

Empower people via self-service

Microsoft empowers end users to create tactical and opportunistic solutions on their own, without requiring dedicated support from your IT organization.

Communicate through contextual visualizations

With SharePoint, users can create visually appealing dashboards with creative ways of conveying information in context.

Reduce application backlog without losing control and governance

Your IT organization can increase its scale and scope, and increase end user and organizational satisfaction, while maintaining control over existing corporate assets.

Highlighted Topics
Highlighted Topics

  • White paper: SharePoint: A Platform for Enterprise and Social Mashups
    J.R. Arredondo discusses enterprise mashups, their relevance to business users, and the technologies that make enterprise mashups a reality. We also discuss how SharePoint Products and Technologies address the challenges and roadblocks to the enterprise adoption of mashups, and how enterprise mashups initiatives should be seen within the context of a broader enterprise social computing strategy.

  • Amplify The Impact Of Your People With Enterprise 2.0 Technologies (Enterprise 2.0 Conference Keynote)
    Derek Burney, Microsoft's General Manager of SharePoint Platform & Tools, discusses advances in social computing, composite applications and mash-ups, and unified communications are creating value for enterprises by changing the way people collaborate, innovate, and communicate—not only internally but also with customers, partners and suppliers.