Microsoft Interactive Media Manager - Soluzione per i media

Microsoft Interactive Media Manager - Soluzione per i media

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Microsoft ha realizzato una soluzione per gestire al meglio i flussi di pre e post production. L'idea nasce dal fatto che, come per altre applicazioni software, gran parte delle attivita' prevedo interventi manuali molto frequenti.

Partendo da Office , ed in particolare da Sharepoint, i nostri ingegneri hanno creato una soluzione per automatizzare attivita' di pre e post production usando semplici tool video via web e implementando alcuni workflow in Sharepoint che permetto l'automazione di un bel po' di attivita'. Non ultimo e' stato creato un metadata repository in Sharepoint per gestire successivamente i dati.

Ecco sotto alcune anticipazioni, maggiori dettagli sulla soluzione qui.

Interactive Media Manager
A rich, collaborative media management solution for pre-production, post-production and production environments.

Microsoft Interactive Media Manager is a collaborative media management solution that extends Microsoft Office SharePoint® Server 2007 for media and entertainment companies. The solution builds on existing technology investments, and helps companies create an end-to-end content production system accessible by everyone. In addition, Interactive Media Manager easily integrates with Microsoft business intelligence tools, giving management insight into production details.

Microsoft engages with a carefully selected group of top-tier, media-focused partners to deliver and extend Interactive Media Manager. The end result is a tailored, enterprise solution that reduces operational costs and helps companies become more agile so they can quickly pursue new opportunities. With an open, standards-based architecture, the Microsoft Interactive Media Manager provides a highly-extensible, highly-scalable platform that supports custom development on top of existing investments. By taking advantage of the first-class collaboration and media-focused capabilities available in IMM, companies can empower their people to drive business success.


Media & Entertainment Interactive Media Manager - SharePoint Player console




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