Don just gave me a hard time for being a poor blogger. My response to him is simply that I now have more appreciation for the community at large and their commitment to the daily diary. Perhaps I will have to schedule time during a coffee break to blog.

I know what Don does in his spare time. He is actually a percussionist at the Seattle Symphony. He was in disguise, but I knew, I knew it was him... those glasses he was wearing weren't going to fool me. I really enjoyed his tambourine playing and his periodic drum beat. Guess it is now a proven fact, if you listen or play classical music, you become more intelligent. I did giggle a bit at the lyrics during The Three-Cornered Hat. A big warm thank you to Dr. Scott Collison for the awesome tickets, I had a great date. Scott has more culture than any single person I have ever met. He is a joy to work with. I wonder if blog love gets you free tickets to Mozarts Immortal Requiem :}