Rebecca Dias - Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

August, 2003

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    Microsoft Technical Briefing Content

    Speaker Presentations, demos, and Hands on Labs As promised, for attendees of the Microsoft Technical Briefing this week at XML Web Services One in Boston.  Thank you for the awesome feedback from the over 200 folks that attended.  Perhaps...
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    Clearly at times, I am a loser, but people I happen to work with are not

    Thank you Tina Dow for being such a Rock Star and fixing things for me on my new blog site while I was not on VPN. You typify a Microsoftie for me. David Russell I owe at least 20 to you, and I have yet to meet you face to face. Sarah Jamieson...
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    Hillary Rodham Clinton

    Wednesday August 6th, MSPAC hosted Hillary at the Microsoft Redmond Campus The Introduction was given by Jeff Rakes via a Tablet PC. Jeff set the tone for one of the hottest topics in numerous industries today, the values of intellectual property...
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    Benefits of working for a large company

    Changing my perceptions of working for a large corporation Prior to Microsoft, I always worked for small companies. I was greatly impressed by the impact a single individual could have in a small organization and felt that one would get lost in...
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