Rebecca Dias - Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

September, 2003

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    Things to Know

    Victory declared on WS-* I have been hearing a lot of feedback from customers asking for more transparency on which specs are complete and which ones we expect to see more churn on.   We started a web-site to help disseminate more...
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    Little bit of comedy on a day of mourning

    First thing I heard this morning was that Johnny Cash passed away this morning.  Tonight I will be melancoly and my arm hair will raise reflecting on Sept 11th and listening to some of Johnny's potent music.  There are few artists on...
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    The Best Web Services Article I have Read in a long time

    Security Drilldown in Web Services Enhancements 2.0 by Don Smith Don Smith has recently published the best article I have read on Web services security .  It is not light reading, but he does an incredible job putting very difficult to understand...
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    Am I a Sell Out?

    Recently there was an article by Daryl Taft on MS' aggressive recruiting tactics .  In my mind, Microsoft has always been an excellent recruiter.  This is demonstrated by the strength of the many employees that I am surrounded by that have...
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