Recently there was an article by Daryl Taft on MS' aggressive recruiting tactics.  In my mind, Microsoft has always been an excellent recruiter.  This is demonstrated by the strength of the many employees that I am surrounded by that have been here 1,2,4,10,20 years.  This past weekend a friend said to me, "all of the smartest people I know went to Microsoft."


Don Box is always trying to recruit awesome folks because he likes to be surrounded by people that challenge him to think in new and innovative ways.  He was first to tell me about Glen and Miguel not being ready YET to join our clique.  BTW:  Don isn't the only one, it was my idea to grab Colleen ;).


A thread of discussion around this topic has abounded.  Are we all sell outs?

     What, eh, you talking ta me?


What are you calling me a sellout for?  Because I no longer working for a company that produces Java based software?

So, does this mean I am a sell out because I started programming basic when I was 6 and gave it up for Pascal when I was in high school; somewhere between high school and college I gave up Pascal for C; I was forced to do 8086 and ADA in college but never joined either bandwagon; and my Freshman year at Santa Clara University I did a research paper on Java and later helped change the curriculum to include it.  All of the applications that I wrote that went into production systems were in C++, but I wouldn't start building a new app with it today!  I helped evangelize and educate folks on CORBA to the financial, government, and other industries.  Am I a sell out for abandoning Motif?  And J2EE, well, I don't think I ever fully jumped on this bandwagon no matter how much I loved Java.

Guess I am a sell out for appreciating the innovations of new languages and platforms and wanting to work with the best in my industry.  Well, if you are interested in knowing the reasons why I joined Microsoft outside of the obvious desire to work closely with great minds like Don Box, Tim Ewald, and Keith Ballinger, come join me at the PDC this year.  It will all be disclosed.

For more information on how to become a Microsoft employee, visit:

No idea is original, what is original is the ability for one to execute and deliver an Idea! 

Little Love letter for Glen...


Dear Glen, I thought you were moving to Seattle so that I would have a partner in crime when going to see so many of the awesome live shows that Seattle has to offer: Wilco, Brandi Carlile, Interpol, Kinky, Longwave, Nada Surf, MS Led (oh boy the list is too long).  Has the love affair ended?!  Nope! cause we speak WS-* so we will always get along very well ;) Tell David that I got him his Microsoft Jacket and I need an address to mail it to.  p.s. Congratulations to you in your new role.