Rebecca Dias - Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

October, 2003

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    Contest for free software

    First person to respond to me and tell me what the following means and sends me their mailing address, I will send you a copy of Windows Server 2000. Yes, it is old software, but the upgrades are cheaper. Really, I just want to see how quickly one of...
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    Metaphors for Reliable Messaging, Protocols, and Policies of systems

    Earlier in the Summer I took a rock climbing class at Stone Gardens in Ballard. I left the gym pretty fired up thinking this would be a great way to explain some our WS-* technology to the not so technologically savvy. I spent a couple of hours that evening...
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    The Red Sox WON --- Well in the Post's Dreams

    The Post went to print touting the Yankee Defeat All those beers were drinkin in vain last night. At least it is good to know that some things never change, and the Red Sox curse remains. But! The Post is actually living in a different reality...
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    Web Services Enhancements Engineering Lead is now Blogging

    The man behind the magic curtain, Hervey Wilson , is now speaking on a public forum... Here is the rss feed . Check out his demo code on Secure Conversation and trust .
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    Service Oriented Architectures, broadband, and outsourcing

    Social implications of making SOAs a reality I have begun doing executive briefings at Microsoft.  10 months of employment and I now know enough about the MS offering to really begin engaging.  Generally what these briefings entail...
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