I just went to a lecture at the University of Washington given by Art Wolfe. It was truly amazing. I really can not re-cap the experience. You have to love photography and be present to really get the full effect.. I am generally not one that appreciates photos of wildlife. I find it too literal and boring and would prefer to look at abstract paintings or black and white photos that capture a texture. I was impressed by his knowledge of light and his applications towards his passion, landscapes. I am especailly awestruck by his life... he basically has the pleasure of travelling to the farthest reaches of the earth to grab photos not yet captured. He follows the moon to exotic less known places. He fits perfectly in the Pacific Northwest.

There was a photo of lava that I felt would work with my home's decore. I may go and track it down at his studio.

In search of lava I found some of the slides he discussed in detail. Here are the ones I found to be simply amazing...

Apparently tonight, I am living in the clouds!