Rebecca Dias - Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

December, 2003

  • Reckless

    Web services, a business model?

    Welcome to my new blog site. Hopefully my old entries will be migrated to this new site in January. For the better part of December I will be silent visiting customers, then family, and finally friends. Happy New Years to all! I had an email...
  • Reckless

    I have a new blog site

    Everyone on the GotDotNet blog roll will be moving their blogs over to My new blog will be: and the syndication feed will be: What this means is that we will be maturing...
  • Reckless

    WS-Security (WSE) on the Compact Framework

    Casey Chesnut wrote a crypto library for the compact framework and uses the Smartphone 2003 simulator with WSE to get WS-Security running on CF. Curious to know your thoughts on all of this . Please note that this posting is not an endorsement even...
  • Reckless

    I love Boston

    Spent the day at Fidelity Investments listening and participating in a Web Services Summit.  I tried my hardest to get out of it because I did not want to travel during Thanksgiving. The lady next to me on the plane had bronchitis. I felt bad for...
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