This online social networking thing has me totally inspired.  After blogging my last entry, Sam Ruby linked me in on the Orkut network.  Orkut folks... you guys have some useability problems.  I should just be able to click on the link from Sam and drop into “a is he my friend or not statement” and not have to login etc.  And even if I have to login, you should at least remember it was Sam who sent me there.  How else are you going to do stats?  You should hire an old colleague of mine that is great at useability.  Let's see if he invites himself in to my circle and then you can find him by viewing my circle.

It will be interesting to see how the google engine can leverages its categorizing and other AI infrastructure to bring up new views of the Orkut network.  As Karsten Januszewski says, we really are living in the Sci Fi era!