I had knee surgery a few weeks ago and I am totally behind on email... so if you have been emailing me and I am not responding, I am not ignoring you, you are just enqueue ;)-  Narcotics, Pain, and lack of sleep are amazing at making one less productive :)

I am happy to say that I am in full swing again (at work that is) and will be back in touch once I get my in box #s down.

Tech Ed is nearing, 10 weeks left to go... Have you registered for the Connected Systems track?

Hervey is letting out company secrets, are you tracking his blog?

Are you read for the next Applied XML Dev Con?  Do you want to influence location and dates?  Chris Sells is thinking August, I am thinking November.  Remember this is a conference will people who have gone into production with XML and Web Services technologies share their designs, technologies, issues, wishes, innovations, etc.

Give me feedback...