The OASIS WSS technical committee has pushed toward standardization:  “Several of our documents have just become OASIS standards.” Check out the discussions that lead to the final decision.

WSE v2.0 rtm will implement the final standard!  9 implementations demonstrated interop based on the spec back in March.  Exciting stuff.

This is a major milestone in the WS-* space.  It shows that the process Microsoft and Industry Partners have taken relative to obtaining and incorporating in industry feedback early on is the best vehicle for getting well defined specifications before submitting them to a standards setting body.  It is great to see the OASIS refinements of the specification and to see a great specification get this type of seal of approval.  There are already numerous companies in production using the original WS-Security and Addendum specifications.  It will be exciting to help these customers migrate to this new specification to achieve maximum interoperability going forward.