... I never learned how to appropriately be PC :(.  Please Janet, do not make a T-Shirt of my blunder!

Thanks to Dr. Bix, you were an excellent mentor during the show prep.  I had a tremendous # of compliments after the talk.

For those of you that do not know, there is an incredible amount of preparation that goes into a 6 minute keynote demo.  Getting your speaking points down so that you can communicate the business value and show developers the touch points in such a short amount of time is amazingly difficult.  I had some feedback that I went too fast for developers to be able to learn how to repeat what I was doing.  If you want to learn the “how to“ part of the demo, join the Connected Systems track specifically the Security and Messaging talks track and their is an IBF session Thursday morning.

I am in the Customer Panel for the press right now.  All of the customers are using Web sevices to lower IT costs and creating new lines of business.  There are two WSE 2.0 cutomers, Ohio State University Medical Center and Hewlett Packard, on the panel.

Some Common Themes in the Customer Panel:

- Does your company have a coporate culture of re-use?

In Don Box's general session, he put up one slide in the beginning “There is only one Program, and it is still being written.“  Spending time to understand this statement could force Enterprise to understand that systems re-use is inevitable even if you don't plan for it ahead of time.

- Once a system is deployed, it is in production and can't be touched.  How do you ensure that you are going to have the ultimate application lifecycles?

Lot's of excitement around the Team Systems Tools for VS.NET.

- Does WSE really provide the necessary security for these systems?

With the native integration into the Windows platform and support for things like x509, WSE provide a huge cost reduction in implementing secure systems for our companies.  The technologies that WSE builds on are already corporate standards.  WSE will make systems more secure.