Rebecca Dias - Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

June, 2004

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    eBay and Web Services - They luv em

    eBay sold on Web services
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    Travelling and a Web Services Roadmap

    I am excited because in a week and a half, I will be on a plane going to a friend's wedding in Dublin. I had such an amazing time at my last company and I made sooo many friends that I will be sure to keep for life. This will be one of 4 weddings this...
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    SMTP as a Transport - Go Get It!

    Steve Maine built an SMTP transport demo with WSE . Very cool stuff! What types of systems can you build? Think of SMTP as a store and forward infrastructure. Are you building a smart client that you want to enable work offline? Well, this is the technology...
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    WS-Eventing implementation

    There are numerous folks out there doing some really kewl stuff with the WSE 2.0 bits. Savas for instance has been doing work with Grid computing and now has an implementation of WS-Eventing coming down the pipe . What are your business needs? Have you...
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    Applied XML Dev Con Planning - Call for Speakers

    Chris has posted about the Applied XML Dev Con and continues with discussions on topics to highlight: Looks like we...
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    SOAP Toolkit - Listening to Customers

    Over a year and half ago, I started working with Matt Powell and the MSDN folks to update up a lot of the content on the Web services spoke. During this process, we found that the SOAP Toolkit was actually getting a lot of downloads without folks really...
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