I am excited because in a week and a half, I will be on a plane going to a friend's wedding in Dublin.  I had such an amazing time at my last company and I made sooo many friends that I will be sure to keep for life.  This will be one of 4 weddings this summer, deja vu to last year.  Congratulations to Brian Kelly, Sylvia Kelly, Screamer O'Keefe, and Ceasar and Karen!

My friends are all settling down!  And are with chilin.

What drives me crazy is that I can't turn the Dublin trip into a surfing trip.  My doctor says that I can not surf for at least another 8 months!  In my next life, I will most definately need to be in a city by the Pacific Ocean.

On my way home from Dublin, I had a layover in New York, so I decided to stay there for the weekend. Now one of my best friends Kristin Houg of Sydney Designs is actually flying out to meet me for the weekend.  Kristin is an artist in Seattle and she creates some pretty awesome cards and other little boutique shop pieces.  My favorite is her purses even though I have never worn one myself ;).  I am hoping she will find some folks in New York to carry her line.

So for my friends out there in the world that sneak around on my blog, let me know if you will be in Dublin June 28th to July 6 or New York from 7th to 12th.

The craziness is the fact that I will be turning around and jumping on a plane the 16th or so to Atlanta to do a couple of talks for our Sales conference.  This conference is insanely big and is an incredible networking event.  Any Microsofties that are attending the show that I haven't met, it would be great to hang out.

At IONA I think we had about 1100 employees and I believe I new about 75% of the employees after 3 years.  At microsoft I am meeting a lot of people, but it is such an amazing feat to get folks within the company properly networked.  And pulling off a conference of this magnitude is no simple matter.

For Atlanta, I am endeavoring the craziest thing I have ever done at the company.  I am trying to get a single comprehensive Web services roadmap for the entire company in place to present to our field.  It is simply amazing how many Web services exist within Microsoft IT (for operational cost savings and CRM facilities), MS.com (content aggregation and access), the Mappoint Group, and other products like Live Communication Server, and don't forget the dev tools like BizTalk, VS.NET, SQL Server, etc.  This exercise is forcing me to get to know sooo many intelligent people!  It ceases to amaze me how talented people at MS are.  If you are a MS employee and you have Web Services technologies in you product and I don't already know about it, please contact me.

I think it would be awesome to write a book on startup companies that have spawned out of Microsoft.  The brain power here is incredible.

So that was a little distraction... now I need to get back to work.