I have just returned from Vacation followed by MGB in Atlanta with a head cold -- A month of travelling will do it to you.

For those of you who do not know what MGB is, it is Microsoft's yearly global briefing to internal field folks. About 6000 attendees this year.  Apparently, if you can score well at this conference, you have the capacity to speak at any event in the world because the Microsoft field is such a challenging audience.  There are many factors often working against you at this conference, the biggest a-constant parties, b-bad food, and c-community (the desire to constantly reach out and get to know people and of course explore the destination city).  This all distracts you from talk prep.  For example, during Smashmouth, Don Smith, Elliot Rapp, and I were required to help get the crowd groovin ;).  We helped everyone regresh back to high school by getting the girls up on the boys shoulder and starting a crowd surfing frenzy.  Too Fun!  Despite this, I survived my 4 talks (2 repeats) and scored well.  One session (and the corresponding repeat) I spent the entire session coding.  Yes, I was coding again!  It was a blast.  Thanks to the WSE team for making such a solid product and the VS team for such powerful tools.  It makes it much easier to explain more difficult topics like security.

Happy 30th birthday to my good friend Clare Dillon.  I appreciate all of the great times that we have had over the past ... wow, five years now.  Only your excellent karma could find us such a wonderful place to go on a Monday evening.  Thanks to Dante for letting Clare storm the stage at the classy fondue restaurant.  If only I had been in my Captain Jack Sparrow outfit for that one!  Don, thanks for bringing the skate boards.  That was my first time on a board since my knee surgery.

And to Aisling Mackey who is about to bring a new life in this world.  It was awesome to spend time with you in Dublin.  I wish you all the luck in the world with your new business.  I can't wait to be an aunt for the 40th time ;)-.

To Nathalie and Brian Kelly, your wedding was outstanding.  I will remember it for a lifetime.  You have excellent friends.  I hope that Cory and I keep in touch.  And of course, to Colby and Donna, I miss you guys dearly.  Let me know when you get tired of New Hampshire.  I would love you two as neighbors!

Vacation is always a renewing adventure.  I am excited to be back at work.  There are numerous events coming down the pipe.  Now back to the world of Indigo and WSE.