Lots of buzz should be expected today about the submission and acceptance of WS-Addressing to the W3C.  WS-Addressing is core to the messaging infrastructure for the WS-* specifications.  It provides the necessary baseline for synchronous and asynchronous communicatoin and the ability to route messages between a multitude of intermediaries.  In short it facilitates addressing of Web services.  I describe it as the spec that really helps to make the virtualization of the network a reality.

It is exciting to see Sun collaborating on the WS-* efforts.  Sun has ea bits of WS-Security OASIS 2004 out.  Simon Guest is in the processing of writing a how to interoperate article on it that will be published on MSDN shortly.  BEA has also recently released bits supporting the latest implementation of WS-Security for WebLogic server.

With WS-Addressing now at the W3C, and WS-Security ratified by OASIS, we can really begin to see the WS-* roadmap come to life with the promise of ubiquitious interoperable protocols.  It should be noted that Microsoft implements both of these specifications in Web Services Enhancements v2.0.