Blogging has always lead me to find out about things I didn't already know about.  So I figured I would throw this out there...

I track numerous projects for current WSE customers to help drive product direction, customer evidence, etc.  There are some really awesome use cases out there span numerous usage scenarios.  Almost every day I learn of a new usage scenario/project.

Do I already know about the projects you are working on?  Touch basis with me and give me a heads up.  I have numerous upcoming marketing events coming up that I plan to leverage customers in.  I can't make you any promises, but if you have a compelling story to tell, let me know so that I can help create visibility for the work you are doing.  If you shy away from visibility, that is fine too, having a dialog is a great way to provide datapoints on how the techology is being used  and drive future product direction.  In the end, it can never hurt to have a dialog with the product team to get confirmation or guidance on your project plans.

Tell me what I don't know and remind me even if you think I already know.