Rebecca Dias - Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

October, 2004

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    It's amazing what people will do to make a buck. My new colleague Ali Alpay and I were discussing the trendy Livestrong bracelets that support cancer research through the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Live Strong . He was amazed to find that people are...
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    A benefit of message level security: DOS

    We had an intense conversation at lunch as a result of Rich Salz' talk. I am looking forward to the follow up from Keith Brown. Essentially, message level security married with Queuing can prevent you from CPU targeted DOS attacks. And with message based...
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    Ziff Davis picks up the story on the Dev Con

    The best part of the DevCon continues to be the discussions during lunch, I'll write it all up in a bit. And then you come back from lunch to see that Ester has picked up the story .
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    Applied XML Dev Con: Tim Bray on RSS and Standards

    Tim Bray of Sun Microsystems kicked off the day with a talk on all sorts of random thoughts including: standards process and determining success of a standard, the future of RSS, why WS-Eventing is not a substitute for RSS, how atom is here to save the...
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    Rory likes my shoes...

    So far Rory is doing the best summary on the conference. And he likes my shoes .
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    Are you here?

    Applied XML Developer’s Conference 5 October 20-21, 2004 Skamania Lodge, Stevenson , Washington (40 minutes from Portland Int'l Airport ) If not, you can follow the blog trail ... I will let you know who is blogging about it...
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