Rebecca Dias - Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

November, 2004

  • Reckless

    iPAQ without a phone, why bother?

    That is what I thought when my boss, Dr. Bix, gave me a new iPAQ (yes, ungrateful person). It sat in my office for a few months collecting dust until today when I ripped it open. So it has a keyboard, so what, it's not a phone and where is the camera...
  • Reckless


    I forgot, I wear my Thinktecture swag too even though I swim in it. A baby blue soccer jersey. Now that was a great design!
  • Reckless

    APAC here I come - And yes it is one track

    Random Thoughts: * We listened, we asked, we responded, the tracks from last year will be merged into one. Watch out for the call for papers for the Connected Systems Infrastructure (CSI) track. Get scientific and break out those .NET Framework 2.0, Commerce...
  • Reckless

    Tech Ed: BPI and Connected Systems

    Believe it or not, Tech Ed planning has begun. And I have a question for you. The Connected Systems track last year was very successful. There is a discussion on marrying the content from that track and the BPI track (Think BizTalk and Host Integration...
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