Rebecca Dias - Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

March, 2005

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    Vinoski is Right (Contract First)

    Vinoski and Tim are right about Contract first. I would expect no less from one of the Fathers of distributed computing. I learned this lesson first hand over eight years ago working with Charles White and Eva Guo on a project at HP. Yes, we built service...
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    Indigo Bits for MSDN Subscribers

    The Avalon and Indigo Community Technology Preview is now available, but to MSDN subscribers only for now. Sells is pushing content about the bits on the Indigo section of the Longhorn developer center on MSDN.
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    Why Use WS-Security and WSE

    I know you all get annoyed with high level articles, but I felt it was important to get one out there that simply went after the high level benefits of WS-Security and why you would want to use Web Services Enhancements (WSE). I compiled a slew of internal...
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    I still think this was my best post yet, so I am going to republish it... The Integral of Life If you happen to home school your children, if you are a teacher, or you tutor folks now and then, this is a great way to teach calculus: Life is equal to the...
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    Tech Ed: Connected Systems Infrastructure Track

    The Connected Systems Infrastructure track is almost finalized (minor tweaks may occur btwn now and then) for Tech Ed 2005 . We have an exceptional line-up of speakers. This year's event promises to give you the tools to build powerful connected systems...
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