Rebecca Dias - Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

April, 2005

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    WS-Reliable Messaging submitted to OASIS

    It is exciting to see WS-Reliable Messaging being submitted to OASIS. Read the press release here . There was substantial backing by vendors, customers, and academic institutions. Let's hope for a steadfast ratification of the specification!
  • Reckless

    Teche Ed sells out while installing Whidbey Beta 2

    What? How is it possible that Tech Ed is sold out so soon? Well, I am glad I was forcing people to get their registrations in and book their hotels to staff the Connected Systems Infrastructure (CSI) track. I just gave my first solo keynote in Toronto...
  • Reckless

    Cabanas at Tech Ed 4 the Connected Systems Track

    You tell me what you want. The cabanas are your time. What topics do you want to cover? I think it is natural to bring in the speakers after their session, but what else is interesting? Who do you want to hear from? What do you want to hear about? John...
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    Who will drink the MS KoolAid

    I have to say, these guys put me on the floor laughing . I will send some type of swag to the first person (Microsofties that have any relationship to them are disqualified) who tells me who is screaming.
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