Rebecca Dias - Product Manager, Microsoft Corporation

June, 2005

  • Reckless

    What's next?

    I just finished my assessment of our CSI track at Tech Ed, and the work done by everyone payed off! Kudos to all of the speakers and staff for pulling through. I wish that I could have been there to educate and learn with you. Tell me if you think...
  • Reckless

    Personal: The Dias Mobile

    I wrote the following piece with my brother Mark as my editor. We wanted it to be published in the Los Gatos Weekly in our home town in California, but unfortunately, you can only submit dry obituaries. So here goes... a very personal post: The Dias...
  • Reckless

    WSE based Reliable Message

    Hey everyone, George Copeland just published the reliable messaging implementation built on the WSE 3.0 community technology preview bits . It is not supported; however, should provide a great baseline for folks that need standardized rm. Check it...
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