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  • Blog Post: Tech Ed: Connected Systems Infrastructure Track

    The Connected Systems Infrastructure track is almost finalized (minor tweaks may occur btwn now and then) for Tech Ed 2005 . We have an exceptional line-up of speakers. This year's event promises to give you the tools to build powerful connected systems on the Microsoft platform that can integrate with...
  • Blog Post: Indigo and Interop

    Ari talks about the upcoming VSLive event. Bill Gates talks about Microsoft's commitment to interop. The reason I came to Microsoft becomes more of a reality with each passing day. And Scott Woodgate will demo the powerf of our shipping platform at Tech Ed. The full track to be disclosed shortly.
  • Blog Post: Are you doing WSE work? Better start dialoging with Chris Keyser

    Chris is doing a lot of real implementation work with WSE! He just started blogging, and his content is already intense. We have him slated for a formal article on MSDN for using SCT with virtual endpoints. In the meantime, he is seeding you with knowledge today. Get into the dialog.
  • Blog Post: What is the Dev Con?

    XML and Web Services Technology to fill your head and possibly make it burst 1 track 1 room 1 chief anta protagonist - Chris Sells 16 speakers from across the industry 130 devs and architects working on XML or Web Services based solutions (If you are lucky and smart, that would include you, the attendee...
  • Blog Post: I love Boston

    Spent the day at Fidelity Investments listening and participating in a Web Services Summit.  I tried my hardest to get out of it because I did not want to travel during Thanksgiving. The lady next to me on the plane had bronchitis. I felt bad for her. I would hate to be on a cross-country flight...
  • Blog Post: Web Services Enhancements Engineering Lead is now Blogging

    The man behind the magic curtain, Hervey Wilson , is now speaking on a public forum... Here is the rss feed . Check out his demo code on Secure Conversation and trust .
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