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  • Blog Post: Vinoski is Right (Contract First)

    Vinoski and Tim are right about Contract first. I would expect no less from one of the Fathers of distributed computing. I learned this lesson first hand over eight years ago working with Charles White and Eva Guo on a project at HP. Yes, we built service-oriented systems back then too! Don Box is giving...
  • Blog Post: Indigo Bits for MSDN Subscribers

    The Avalon and Indigo Community Technology Preview is now available, but to MSDN subscribers only for now. Sells is pushing content about the bits on the Indigo section of the Longhorn developer center on MSDN.
  • Blog Post: Why Use WS-Security and WSE

    I know you all get annoyed with high level articles, but I felt it was important to get one out there that simply went after the high level benefits of WS-Security and why you would want to use Web Services Enhancements (WSE). I compiled a slew of internal and external discussions and worked with Benjamin...
  • Blog Post: Tech Ed: Connected Systems Infrastructure Track

    The Connected Systems Infrastructure track is almost finalized (minor tweaks may occur btwn now and then) for Tech Ed 2005 . We have an exceptional line-up of speakers. This year's event promises to give you the tools to build powerful connected systems on the Microsoft platform that can integrate with...
  • Blog Post: Indigo and Interop

    Ari talks about the upcoming VSLive event. Bill Gates talks about Microsoft's commitment to interop. The reason I came to Microsoft becomes more of a reality with each passing day. And Scott Woodgate will demo the powerf of our shipping platform at Tech Ed. The full track to be disclosed shortly.
  • Blog Post: Your Tech Ed Requirements for the Connected Systems Infrastructure (CSI) track

    Tech Ed is closing in and Yumay and I want to know your requirements for the Connected Systems Infrastructure track. What critical talks would you like us to cover? There will be a marriage of solutions oriented talks and feature drilldown talks covering topics like security, management, reliable messaging...
  • Blog Post: iPAQ without a phone, why bother?

    That is what I thought when my boss, Dr. Bix, gave me a new iPAQ (yes, ungrateful person). It sat in my office for a few months collecting dust until today when I ripped it open. So it has a keyboard, so what, it's not a phone and where is the camera. Well,we are demanding of technology these days. Have...
  • Blog Post: APAC here I come - And yes it is one track

    Random Thoughts: * We listened, we asked, we responded, the tracks from last year will be merged into one. Watch out for the call for papers for the Connected Systems Infrastructure (CSI) track. Get scientific and break out those .NET Framework 2.0, Commerce Server, HIS, BizTalk, and Indigo bits if you...
  • Blog Post: Tech Ed: BPI and Connected Systems

    Believe it or not, Tech Ed planning has begun. And I have a question for you. The Connected Systems track last year was very successful. There is a discussion on marrying the content from that track and the BPI track (Think BizTalk and Host Integration Server). What are your thoughts? What problems are...
  • Blog Post: Do I know what you are doing?

    Blogging has always lead me to find out about things I didn't already know about. So I figured I would throw this out there... I track numerous projects for current WSE customers to help drive product direction, customer evidence, etc. There are some really awesome use cases out there span numerous usage...
  • Blog Post: Security Drilldown Article - Web Services Enhancements (WSE)

    The long awaited revision of the WSE Security Drilldown article by Don Smith has been posted! Go get it .
  • Blog Post: MTOM is now a Candidate Recommendation at the W3C

    Gudge is the man! Thanks for all your hard work. Check out some of his early implementation code and samples . MTOM (Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism) is now a Candidate Recommendation.
  • Blog Post: Are you doing WSE work? Better start dialoging with Chris Keyser

    Chris is doing a lot of real implementation work with WSE! He just started blogging, and his content is already intense. We have him slated for a formal article on MSDN for using SCT with virtual endpoints. In the meantime, he is seeding you with knowledge today. Get into the dialog.
  • Blog Post: Specs committed to be royalty free

    I get this question a lot. "What are the IP terms associated with the WS-* specifications?" So we put up a Web site to let people know. Check it out .
  • Blog Post: What do you identify as?

    Is there such as thing as a Web services developer? What do you identify as? A SQL dev or a SQL Server dev? Information Systems dev? VB, C#, or Java? J2EE/EJB developer? MSMQ or MQSeries? Do you identify as a distributed systems developer? Why? I am curious to know if you would benefit in a trade show...
  • Blog Post: WSE Trace Tool

    Simon Guest built a front end on top of the WSE trace files. Cool stuff. If this were productized, what additional features would it have?
  • Blog Post: DevCon Selling out Quickly

    We have had the registration site up for the Dev Con for a week now, and we are already more than half way full. A shameless plug for our co-sponsors. If you are looking for formal training on XML, Web Services, or the CLR, sign up for the PluralSight Campsight event.
  • Blog Post: Jorgen and I in an interview with Web

    Here is a slice of some of Jorgen's and my thoughts on MS and Web services.
  • Blog Post: What is the Dev Con?

    XML and Web Services Technology to fill your head and possibly make it burst 1 track 1 room 1 chief anta protagonist - Chris Sells 16 speakers from across the industry 130 devs and architects working on XML or Web Services based solutions (If you are lucky and smart, that would include you, the attendee...
  • Blog Post: WS-Addressing goes to the W3C with Sun on Board!

    Lots of buzz should be expected today about the submission and acceptance of WS-Addressing to the W3C . WS-Addressing is core to the messaging infrastructure for the WS-* specifications. It provides the necessary baseline for synchronous and asynchronous communicatoin and the ability to route messages...
  • Blog Post: eBay and Web Services - They luv em

    eBay sold on Web services
  • Blog Post: Travelling and a Web Services Roadmap

    I am excited because in a week and a half, I will be on a plane going to a friend's wedding in Dublin. I had such an amazing time at my last company and I made sooo many friends that I will be sure to keep for life. This will be one of 4 weddings this summer, deja vu to last year. Congratulations to...
  • Blog Post: SMTP as a Transport - Go Get It!

    Steve Maine built an SMTP transport demo with WSE . Very cool stuff! What types of systems can you build? Think of SMTP as a store and forward infrastructure. Are you building a smart client that you want to enable work offline? Well, this is the technology you are looking for. And Steve, if you want...
  • Blog Post: WS-Eventing implementation

    There are numerous folks out there doing some really kewl stuff with the WSE 2.0 bits. Savas for instance has been doing work with Grid computing and now has an implementation of WS-Eventing coming down the pipe . What are your business needs? Have you given us your WSE 3.0 wish list?
  • Blog Post: Tech ED: Connected Systems Finalized

    TechEd 2004 San Diego , CA May 24- 28, 2004 Sunday Pre-Conference with Aaron Skonnard Essential Web Services: Programming with .NET and WSE 2.0 The Microsoft .NET framework makes it easy to build powerful Web services based on open industry...
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