CS2007 Generally Available & Web Sites Updated

CS2007 Generally Available & Web Sites Updated

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It's August 1st. Commerce Server 2007 is now generally available worldwide through normal Microsoft licensing channels - which means everyone can buy and get product support just like any other. To coincide with this, our Web presence on Microsoft.com has been updated:

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  • Hey Ryan,

    Will we see release bits on MSDN today as well?  What's the latest status on the Starter Site for the RTM bits?

  • I'm also very interested in information about the starter kit. Earlier posts said that it would be available for download at the same time as the core product was generally available, but I do not see any information (or links ;-) on the web site.
  • Microsoft blogger Ryan Donovan had the news yesterday and I’ve already mentioned the free Developer version which was made available for download last week. However, Commerce Server has an uncertain future, in it’s present form at
  • Hey Ryan,

       Can you spare a minute or two to post an update about the availability of the CS2007 RTM Starter Site? If you have any updated estimate for when it will be available, I'd love to hear it.

       Thanks in advance!

  • Patrick points to this article "Microsoft Ships Commerce Server 2007, But Road Map Remains Unclear" and...
  • I was wondering if you had any information on when the 64 bit version of CS 2007 will be released?  We have the 32 bit version installed and did some initial tests and are looking to compare the results to a 64 bit build.
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