Developers for Commerce Server have been ignored for far too long. But, in recent weeks its with great pleasure I can note that some love is starting to be shared once again. Hence, I wanted to personally call out two key things that have occurred in the last month.

Tools from Enticify

Enticify, which has a great discount engine upgrade for Commerce Server (check it out at, has released a couple of cool tools into the open source community, namely:

  • CsSpy – which is a Visual Studio 2010 and 2012 visualizer to improve pipeline component debugging.
  • CsTasks – which is a task automation library for Commerce Server

Check these out at and respectively.

Symbol Debugging

We have now posted symbols for Ascentium Commerce Server 2009 R2 at You can load this up in:

  • WinDbg
  • Visual Studio (using this as the symbol path)
  • Or Symchk.exe to build a local symbol repository from this URL


Please note that you can’t browse the URL directly, by-design.

I hope these are helpful – certainly the first of many cool things in the pipeline for this fall.