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  • Blog Post: Data Migration to CS2009 from Prior Versions

    A question got asked to me today about how to migrate data from Commerce Server 2002. It was obvious from reading it, that at least one person doesn't know that there is a data migration tool. It will take data from all versions prior, specifically: Commerce Server 2000 Commerce Server 2002...
  • Blog Post: "R2" TAP and the ROI of Life on the Bleeding Edge

    Recently, we have launched the Technology Adoption Program (TAP) for Commerce Server 2009 Code Name "R2" - which is the next version of Commerce Server. This is highlighted in the team blog at
  • Blog Post: A Bit About the CS2009 “R2” June CTP

    Life has been busy. Busy working on the next version of Commerce Server, that is. A few weeks back we posted the June CTP of CS2009 code name “R2”. This is the first CTP of the next version of Commerce Server, which will be available by 1st Quarter 2010. Some key changes in this CTP versus the released...
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