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  • We are having an issue on W7 SP1 with GPsvc not starting after installing kb2592687. It appears to change the GPsvc accout to GPSvcGroup and this causes failure for the service until the security entries in registry are added for GPsvcGroup.

    Do you have any reason as to why we would be experiencing this behavior?

  • I wonder if RemoteFX makes possible taking of Dental Xrays via RDP connections?

  • Nick's question is very interesting. Is touch data forwarded when using remote desktop from a Surface RT to control a physical desktop computer running Windows 8 Pro?

  • Any reason to use this RDP Template, instead of just a simple V2 Computer certificate? Pros and Cons?

  • @Skyman : you need a graphic card with a DirectX 11 GPU on your host with the latest drivers for Windows Server 2012/8.

    Then in Hyper-V Setting, you have to check that this GPU is recognized as a RemoteFX GPU.

    Then you should be able to add a vGPU to a Windows 8 Enterprise VM using Powershell (There is a bug in Hyper-V Manager GUI) with the following commands :

    Import-Module RemoteDesktopServices

    Add-VMRemoteFx3dVideoAdapter -VMName MyWin8VMName

    Hope this help !! (it works perfectly on my Platform)

  • Daniel,

    "Computer" template will work with Windows 8 and 2012 Server, but won't work with earlier OS versions because of a bug they have that require template name and template display name to be the same. "Computer" template has "Machine" for the template name.



  • In Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 configuring Remote Desktop certificates has become easier:

    1. It is no longer required for the template name and template display name to be the same.

    2. You no longer need to create a custom template. One of the built-in templates, for example “Computer” template, can now be used with Remote Desktop.

    3. The “Server Authentication Certificate Template” group policy setting can now contain either one: template name (CN), template display name or template object identifier (OID). The latter is more reliable because template name can be changed while OID cannot. Certificate templates that support Windows 2000 CAs (schema version 1) do not have OIDs, so with those templates you can use their template name (CN). Using template display name should be avoided because this name does not uniquely identify the template – multiple templates can have the same display name.



  • @Mark Open up the charms side bar, go to settings, then open up the touch keyboard.

  • I know free non-MS but Windows based solution to share desktop via web - OnlineVNC. Home page here - http://www.onlinevnc.com

  • You can only add a vGPU to a VM if the VM is hosted on Windows Server 2012.  RemoteFX vGPU is not available if you're using Client Hyper-V in Windows 8.  

  • TS Gateway is not have Memory and CPU usage loadbanance function, MS is not have good solution yet, But I found a good way to fix this problem, I using C# 2010 to write a small tool to working with RD Gateway than TS Gateway have base TS server memory or CPU usage loadbanance or user sessions loadbanance function.

    if somebody need it, you can tell me. thank you!


    Email: dgs88@126.com

    phone: 00 86 13911716836

  • Hi Friends,

    I want to use webcam over RDP connection to Terminal Server. I followed the steps, enabled the option in GP and I can see the “Other supported RemoteFX USB devices” option in RDP connection, I select the option for redirecting webcam but on Terminal Server I can't see the webcam.

    is there any thing if I am missing or other option.

  • How can I redirect USB wia RemoteFX to a Windows 7 RDP server?

    Windows 7 is Enterprise edition with SP1 and RDP 8.0 update installed (KB2574819 and KB2592687).

    RDP client is another windows 7 machine with usb device selected in remotefx section of the client. it can successfully redirect usb device to windows 8, but can't on windows 7 SP1 Ent.

    All are physical machines. What can I be missing?

  • I use this application to get onto my work pc from home. What you need is a portal to get to your work network. My company uses Juno Pulse which allows me to connect to our network (from my Windows 8 desktop). I then use the RDP windows 8 app. It first ask me for the name of the computer I want to connect to. Then is prompts me to enter my active directory username and password.

  • This app is available at the Windows store and for Windows 8 or Windows RT only. For android devices you need to go to the Play store and download their Remote Desktop application.

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