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Please suggest a topic for future post on the TS Team blog.  We have some ideas for what to discuss, but we'd rather talk about what you're interested in.


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  • API/libraries to manage TS.

  • -Performance tuning.

    -Getting more users on a server.

    -Memory optimization.

    -Does hyper threading matter?

    -Any real world 64 bit stories?  We've tried to go 64-but but found that all the necessary drivers were not quite there yet.

  • SoftGrid

  • Longhorn Terminal Services and Citrix--what is Citrix's ongiong value and what has Microsoft added

  • -SoftGrid/TS - Enabling the seamless thin-client experience while dramatically reducing TCO, improving tele-commuting, improving security, and improving DR/BC capabilities

    -Deploying SoftGrid/TS on 64-bit

    -Performance Tuning

    -GPO templates to automate the "desktop lockdown" for the thin-client/SoftGrid experience

  • Well.. we were on, which had an interesting presentation on the new TS in Longhorn.. i had the following questions after that;

    - We heard there was no single signon for the TS gateway yet (except in a vista/longhorn world, which required the vista workstations to be part of the domain). Will there be a single signon in TS gateway?

    - Will there be server balancing per application like Citrix does? We saw only NLB clusters. Will there be resource balancing?

    - The presenters had build an DLL which made a kindof single signon, if you havent heard them, please contact them through, it was interesting and they might even done a bit work for you guys..

  • Office 2007 Pro TechNet online key does not allow for Terminal server use, will the CD/DVD key resolve this as it did the beta 2 release?

  • More discussion about how to get quicker connection time - overall faster launch of the app

  • - actions to do when Terminal Services hungs.

    - how-to restart Terminal Services service without restarting the whole server.

  • I would be nice if you can send credentials when starting up RDP.

    Let's say you offer a full xp or vista client through terminal servers to you customer at home. You don't want them the use the same crendentials twice but make it single sign on.

    At this moment not possible because you can not send the credentials into mstsc.

  • With the onset of Virtual Desktops and remote user access to data centre based workstations via RDP is there anything coming to improve the multimedia experience.

    With VOIP and AV functionality being provided to the desktop the loss of this if utilising remote access over RDP is a crippling limitation.

  • Vendors like NEC and Wyse are addressing these in their lines of thin clients.  NEC had a thin client with built-in VOIP capability and both Wyse and NEC are using a local chip to render MPEG data and are looking to add Flash... in the future.  These were shown at the 2006 VMworld in Los Angeles.

  • API / libraries to access terminal services sessions

  • How to force a server to issue built in cals when it refuses - even though you tried the registry hacks - like deleting the client mslicense key

    What are built in licences do I - or do i not - need to activate the license server over the internet or by fax etc - or are the ts licenses supposed to issue without the need for going through that as I am lead to believe?

    make my day clear up once and for all the EXACT process by which I install a license server and get it to issue built in cals - step by step leaving nothing out and by the cheapest route

  • Information on Terminal Server's logging capbilities for troubleshooting purposes would be a handy topic to discuss. It would be good to break TS out into its subcomponents and specify if there is a corresponding log file.

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