Office 2007 Beta on Terminal Servers

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Many of you have had issues installing Office 2007 Beta 2 and Office 2007 Beta 2 Tech Refresh.
Depending on whether you downloaded Office 2007 from the web or used one of our eval CD / DVDs you will get one of two different product keys one of which causes an issue.

You may receive an error message when you try to open a program in the beta version of a 2007 Microsoft Office suite by using a Terminal Service session:
"This copy of Microsoft Office Word cannot be used on Terminal Server"

A knowledge base article has the following details:
1) The correct key to use to ensure that Office 2007 beta 2 editions work on TS without generating the error.
2) How to resolve the error message without having to uninstall and start again.


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  • office 2007 causes terminal services to crash when logging in with domain logons. you have to login as local admin only. Remote sessions also crash. any ideas?

  • Is the license key valid for the release version of Office 2007.

  • Just want to re-ask the previous question: Is This license key valid for the release version of office 2007? thanks.

  • What about Office 2007 on Server 2007 beta2

    terminal servers? I get "This copy of Microsoft Office Word cannot be used on Terminal Server"

    when attempting to use any Office app.


  • The version of Office 2007 MUST be one that was acquired via VLA (Volume Licensing Agreement), i.e. Microsoft Open License. You'd purchase the Office Licenses and Enterprise Media Kit from your Value Added Reseller.

    Patrick C. Rouse

    Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server

    Provision Networks VIP

    Citrix Technology Professional

    President - Session Computing Solutions, LLC

  • I traveled for 7 hours to set up a terminal server and do not have the right licence.

    I think the fix is

  • I just spent an hour of my life installing office 2007 (cursing the 25 digit product key that assumes I am a thief) only to be told it is the incorrect version.

    The unfortunate thing is that a non technical user bought the bloody thing a month or two ago and now I am stuck explaining why it does not work.

  • This is bad.  What the @#$% were they thinking?

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Office 2007 Beta on Terminal Servers