Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0) for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 (English Only) released

We've released the new version of the Remote Desktop Client corresponding to Vista. Here are some of the new features:

  • Server Authentication
  • Plug and Play redirection
  • TS Gateway support
  • Monitor Spanning
  • 32-bit color and font smoothing

More details on the features are in a Knowledge Base article.


To install the new version, go to Windows Update on the target computer and look for optional software updates, or download it from the Microsoft Download Center.


Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0) for Windows Server 2003 (KB925876)


Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0) for Windows Server 2003 x64 Edition (KB925876)


Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0) for Windows XP (KB925876)


Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0) for Windows XP x64 Edition (KB925876)


Localized versions and the Multi-User Interface Pack will be released in the coming months.

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  • There are a few people in this page who have indiacted that they can't connect to a Vista machine when it requires NLA on the client side.  The client side has RDC 6.0, there are XP Pro and 2003 machines, none show support for NLA as posted a few times by various people above (including me).

    Nelly has indicated that NLA is only in Vista, but has not answered any of us as to why the feature would be in RDC 6 if no other OS supports it, nor have we been told if and when it will be implemented.  

    It would be nice to get a straight answer on this once and for all so that we may stop asking this question over and over.

    Please let us know when and if NLA will be available as a patch for OS' other than Vista!

    Thank you.

  • Venkat - reposting the comment that I posted earlier for the same error:

    Are you using ThinPrint? This application crash may have originated in the ThinPrint Client (

    You may want to follow up with their technical support, by giving the crash-dump as a starting point.

    Or, you can try some of their hotfixes

    Also, if you have not already done so, when you hit the error during normal operation, please report the error to Microsoft (you should get a dialog).

    Thank you


  • Venkat - adding to my last comment: another user confirmed the following:

    Yes - it was indeed the thin print cleint.  Using the new 7.0 (RDP) version of the Client fixes the issue.  No server update required.

  • Since we released the client on the Windows Update site, we received a lot of feedback in our blog, in

  • Since we released the client on the Windows Update site, we received a lot of feedback in our blog, in

  • Andre,

    Andre, Thanks for your comment.

    You asked “..when would NLA will be available on downlevel OS?”

    I would not be able to provide you concrete answer.  MS does see the value of providing NLA support for downlevel Oss and is investigating if the practicality of delivering this, but at this point no decision has been made.


  • while RDP is working smoothly, however, it is connecting to the remote machine after repeated attempts ...4-5 times at least...I have Zonealarm Pro on the remote machine (server-Xp Pro SP2)...pinging the remote machine with -t option sometimes helps in speeding up the connection (less tries)...any idea why I cannot connect on the first attempt.

    Remote machine is configured as Always On in the power settings.

  • Someone mentioned adding a configuration setting to the rdp files saved for server connections to stop the new client from doing that annoying duplicate login request  In our case all servers do this because we do not allow remote login without credentials typed at the time, and disabling the request from the server gives users a way in should they happen to stumble across a machine with saved credentials.

    We have publically accessible servers and users work from home, and we can't control home computers, some of which are Win95/XP.

    Personally, I see this new feature and having to lower server security as a security flaw rather than a feature.

    To make a global change to the behaviour, you can add the setting to the hidden Default.rdp file that's in the logged in user's "my documents" folder and that'll also shut up the client once and for all.

    I've had the local client save back default settings to the rdp file, and so far without it over writing this setting.  Hopefully this will work for other frustrated users.

    If it does come back and become difficult to control, I'll have to find a way to shoehorn RDP 5.2 back onto Windows Vista and get rid of this new one.

  • Thanks for reporting this issue.  

    This seems that you are having an issue with your Zonealarm Pro firewall. Please disable it and attempt to connect

  • We've been testing server authentication (and network traffic enc) with Server 2003 Sp1. In previous versions of the clients, if you the server authentication fails you cannot connect. With the Vista RTM client, it allows you to still connect even though authentication fails. I understand that this isnt "user" authentication, but this feature could have been used a another security layer (if the machine connecting doesnt have the required certificates it wouldn't have been able to connect. Now with the Vista client this can be easily bypassed.

  • We also experience the problem of double login. We maintain different servers which has their own FQDN. We used to let RDP to connect to the domain and then enter the login credentials by hand.

    Now we have to enter them in the reference window. Because the FQDN is not the same as the domain the external computer operates in, this login fails. The next step is entering the credentials for an second time.

    Very anoying and undermining the whole 'ease access concept behind the XP/Vista RDP client'.

    Hope an solution will follow soon.

  • Have you tried entering username@FQDN? That should work.

  • I'm curious to know where the saved credentials are now stored (since they're obviously no longer in the *.rdp files).  (I'm using the 6.0 client on WinXP SP2.)

    I would have expected them to show under "Manage my network passwords" in control panel, along with the rest of my Windows network passwords.  I also made a quick run with Sysinternals' (err, Microsoft's) FileMon and RegMon, but didn't see anything of interest.

    My concern is, how can I see a list of credentials that I've ever saved with the client (and remove as desired?)

    I can connect to a number of computers, that the earlier computers are no longer in the MRU.  Yet, I can type in the name of one of the first computers, and it still recognizes the saved credentials.  I'm not comfortable with this - I should be able to view a list, and remove those I no longer want saved.

  • All I need to make this work as well as it did before the 'patch' is to be able to have the login default to the Domain rather than the local machine.

  • I'm dissappointed to see so many comments about not being able to connect & getting the "you're already connected" message, even you you're NOT already connected go unanswered by the blog staff.

    For me, it WAS working with the new client (connecting to Windows Server 2003), but now it's not. I can rdp to a vista machine on the same network, but no longer to the server.

    Why are so many people, myself included, suddenly having this problem?

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Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.0) for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 (English Only) released