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Since we released the client on the Windows Update site, we received a lot of feedback in our blog, in the TS forum at TechNet, and in newsgroups about issues with the new client. We are compiling and analyzing all the feedback. Nelly is driving this effort. She and the rest of the team have been active in the comments area of the blog, the forum, and in newsgroups, soliciting more detailed reports and responding to questions.

Again for your reference, you can get the client by following the links here. If you want to leave feedback, you can do so using any of the usual channels:

  • You can leave your comments in response to the original post on the blog.
  • You can join the discussion at the  Terminal Services Forum on TechNet.
  • You can post on the Terminal Services newsgroup  microsoft.public.windows.terminal_services.
  • You can use the contact form at http://blogs.msdn.com/ts/contact.aspx. This is a good way especially if you are reporting a bug because it gives us a bit of contact info to get in touch with you, and it lets you do so without posting personal details on a public forum. If you are reporting what you think is a bug, please put the key phrase “TS Client 6.0 - Bug:” in the subject line to help us distinguish your report from other feedback that comes through the form.

Please keep the feedback coming. We very much appreciate it.

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  • None of the links are clickable in this post (at least on IE 7 on XP)...

  • None the links are clickable in IE6 either.

    This problem is specific _just_ to this blog entry.

    I'll also add that if you click in the blog text area, you get a blinking cursor -- I have NEVER seen this happen in IE before, aside from within {form} HTML sections (textarea, input, etc.)

    This is seriously jacked.  Nice blog software *sigh*

  • This should now be fixed.

    I used Windows Live Writer (Beta) to post this entry. It inserted the entire post into a <DIV>, and interestingly, it set the div's content's editable. Here is the tag that was at the start of the post's HTML.

    <DIV class=postBody id=4c81d8ca...eaa21 contentEditable=true>

    <P mce_keep="true">

    I was not aware that editable content was so easy!


  • I removed the newsgroup link, too.  It looks like the blog software doesn't understand news: URLs.

    - Rob

  • I find it very annoying that the pin behavior in RD6 is much different than before - it seems to be constantly going away. I want it to stay!  I'm on several TS sessions at a time and having to hover over the top of the screen so I can figure out which TS machine I'm on is a pain.

  • Just for clarification, I have "Display the Conenction bar when in full screen mode" checked and the connection bar goes away after a few seconds after connecting. I want it ALWAYS on - like it did in RD5.

  • I have to setup/create multiple RDP files for multiple users and the old way of saving Logon setting/credentials worked great, but version 6.0 does not work correctly when attempting to create multiple RDP files. So, I am building the RDP files using 5.2. It would be nice if you made the creation of multiple RDP files as easy in 6.0 as it was in 5.2.

  • Timothy,

    Might not solve your problem, but you might try:

    http://www.visionapp.com/ and download there Remote Desktop 1.4 free application.  

  • I'm confused by RDP 6.0

    I connect to both Terminal Services on my servers, and via RDC to my home computer.

    I don't understand what happens, but sometimes when I click on the profile to connect, my username comes up as:


    Then the next time I connect, I get:


    which is invalid on my home RDC.

    Why does it do this? It's SO annoying. And, I can save a default username anymore, which also really annoys me.

  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Terminal Server Client  

    "PinConnectionBar" = REG_DWORD:1

    will keep the connection bar pinned.

  • Jim Musson,

    Thanks!  (I finally checked back)

    The Dword was already in my registry - but set to zero.  Weird.  

    My life is better now...

  • PinConnectionBar reg value keeps reverting to "0"!  WTF?  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAArgh!

  • Paul - Me too!

    PinConnectionBar = 0 AGAIN - What is changing

    it back? I am NOT doing it via the UI.  Arggg!

    TS Client 6 is 2 steps forward, 2 steps back.

  • The changes in the TS Client 6.o like the push pin connection bar and the user name changing and the caching of the username are stupid

    Who ever it was on the programming team that made these stupid changes should be FIRED!

    What a Moron!

    I had all my users completely happy then the V6 update screwed everything up. What the hell are they thinking over there at M$?

    The connection bar should be a group policy setting not a client only setting.

    User names and passwords should not be cached, for over 10 years every one has been telling M$ to have better security. TSC V6 fails because it allows caching. Just stupid!

    It's amazing that the richest company in the world has the stupidest programmers.

    Don’t get me started on Vista it’s the worst OS to come out of M$ ever, even worse than Millennium. It should be called Shitsta!

  • Robert Paul and the rest of you experiencing the conection bar issue ,

    Could you help us understand when your connection bar disappears? Anything that you notice that helps us narrow down the problem will be helpful.

    The bar isn't supposed to disappear unless the user explicitly un-pins it.

    There is a UI setting in Options->Display that disables the display of the connection bar completely.

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