TS Client 6.0 Feedback

TS Client 6.0 Feedback

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Since we released the client on the Windows Update site, we received a lot of feedback in our blog, in the TS forum at TechNet, and in newsgroups about issues with the new client. We are compiling and analyzing all the feedback. Nelly is driving this effort. She and the rest of the team have been active in the comments area of the blog, the forum, and in newsgroups, soliciting more detailed reports and responding to questions.

Again for your reference, you can get the client by following the links here. If you want to leave feedback, you can do so using any of the usual channels:

  • You can leave your comments in response to the original post on the blog.
  • You can join the discussion at the  Terminal Services Forum on TechNet.
  • You can post on the Terminal Services newsgroup  microsoft.public.windows.terminal_services.
  • You can use the contact form at http://blogs.msdn.com/ts/contact.aspx. This is a good way especially if you are reporting a bug because it gives us a bit of contact info to get in touch with you, and it lets you do so without posting personal details on a public forum. If you are reporting what you think is a bug, please put the key phrase “TS Client 6.0 - Bug:” in the subject line to help us distinguish your report from other feedback that comes through the form.

Please keep the feedback coming. We very much appreciate it.

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  • Robert, Paul and the rest of you experiencing the conection bar issue

    Can you let us know

    1) What OS you are remoting from (i.e. local OS)

    2) What OS you are remoting to (remote OS)


  • I came back here because it happened again!

    I use a Windows 2003 Server as my client to connect to multiple machines - XP, 2000, and 2003 so I haven't been able to pinpoint it.

    I'm considering turning on RegMon and watching the value!

  • Incredibly simple repro:

    1. Set PinConnectionBar = 1

    2. Right Click a .RDP file in Explorer - and click EDIT

    3. Change nothing.

    4. Click Save

    PinConnectionBar = 0

    How did THAT slip through testing?

  • Thanks for the repro steps Robert.

    We are investigating this issue.

    Please let us know if you notice any other repro steps that cause the connection bar to disappear.

  • You are welcome,

    Send XBOX 360 to:


  • It would be great if TS client had the option to log into a remote RDP as the same user that is logged on to the client machine. In an AD environment, it would make things very simple.

    The bigger problem is that you broke a major piece of functionality from 5.2: not able to manually set the username in the RDP shortcut. Having to type <domain>\<username> over and over again is a PITA.

  • 1. The 6.0 RDP CLient allows you to store credentials.

    2. Details of the 6.1 RDP Client have already been detailed here:


    Patrick Rouse

    Citrix Technology Professional

    Microsoft MVP - Terminal Server

    Provision Networks VIP

    President - Session Computing Solutions, LLC


  • Seriously, RDP 6.0 is some of the WORST PITA software that affects every tech guy on a daily basis.

    I can't beleive this made it through the betas.

  • I have Windows 2000 Adv Srver with TS enabled.  I've been using Vista RDP client to connect over Internet to server.  There must have been recent update that has messed up my RDP connection to my 2000 TS server.  I keep getting a licensing error on the Vistal workstation when trying to connect to the W2000 TS server.  Cany anyone help?


  • So, what about the problem where your credentials are sometimes saved as username@remotehost and sometimes as remotehost\username, as reported by Bill in this thread in Feb 2007?

    I recently downloaded the RDC client, and I'm having the same problem.  Client computer is XP Pro and host is Windows Server 2003.  I would tell you what version of the RDC client I'm using, but apparently that's not an important thing to put in the tool's UI?!?!  I'm sure I could find a way to get the version, but honestly, should a user have to go digging to get the version number for an application he/she uses?  I did save the installer, so I can give you that: "WindowsXP-KB925876-x86-ENU [rdp client 6].exe" (I added "[rdp client 6]").  I haven't tried the latest beta of the client, but I checked the following post and couldn't find anything about this issue:


    Thanks very much in advance for any help.


    P.S. You know what else would be nice?  If the dropdown for the list of remote computers could instead be a dropdown of connection settings (.rdp files).  I have a shortcut to the RDC, rather than to a particular .rdp, b/c it saves space, but I always have to Open... > double-click .rdp (I put them all in the relatively clean top-level of My Docs so they're right there) to initiate the connection.  Along w/ auto-complete for that field, which already exists, such a feature would reduce making the connection to a few keystrokes.

  • I find the ending your phrase in your blog: "Please keep the feedback coming. We very much appreciate it."  offending to all us users.

    You are paid excellent money for a product that makes our professional lives a misery.

    Our employers / customers blame us for your lack of professionalism.

    when the manager or CEO cannot log in from a sat. link or land phone we are blamed for your poor work.

    Did you ever think how much pain and suffering you are inflicting in your customers?

  • What is 0ed000001234000300080002000000 ?  And why does it cause my RDP 6.x client to reinitiate a connection which means i cannot load balance RDP using hardware load balancers

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