What’s new in Terminal Services Licensing for Longhorn? Part 5

What’s new in Terminal Services Licensing for Longhorn? Part 5

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WMI Providers for administration


With Longhorn, we added support for WMI providers for Terminal Services Licensing. With the use of these WMI providers, administrators can now script tasks that were in the past available only through the UI. Some of the capabilities that the WMI providers expose would help enable support for tasks like periodically monitoring available licenses on the License Server, generating license usage reports, querying for various properties of the License Server etc.

Listed below are examples of the tasks that can be accomplished via WMI -

a)      Activating, deactivating or reactivating the license server

b)      Installing license key-packs

c)      View details of licenses issued by the License Server

d)      Generate per-user license reports

e)      View configuration information of the License Server (e.g.: Is the license server installed on the Domain Controller? Is the Group Policy to prevent upgrades group enabled on the LS? Etc.)

f)       Publish or un-publish the License Server in Active Directory

g)      Revoke licenses

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  • There are a few features that I've always wished this type of environment would support, but it doesn't seem like TS or Citrix address these yet:

    1. Drag-and-drop from local to remote applications and vice versa.

    2. Clipboard sharing (cut/paste). Remote control applications can do this, but not TS? An agent would be acceptable to my users if necessary.

    3. Better mapping of local shares. Specifically, the local Desktop and My Documents folders. Users are still confused when they save documents to their 'desktop' and discover (after frantic help desk calls) that the file is on the REMOTE desktop.

  • Chad,

    Regarding #2, what clipboard sharing features are currently missing?  We do clipboard redirection already, so you can copy and paste things between your local computer and the remote session.  Does this work for you, or were you looking for more functionality?  If clipboard sharing is not working, Elton wrote a couple of posts with some troubleshooting tips:



  • Thanks, the troubleshooting tips helped. Probably I'm running into some issues because I'm using XP clients - generally, when I try to use something that doesn't working, using another Longhorn box to test it out seems to do the trick. I suppose much of this will be helped when 6.1 is out.

    I'm still stumping for more logical remote/local drive mappings, though.

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