What’s new in Terminal Services Licensing for Longhorn? Part 6

What’s new in Terminal Services Licensing for Longhorn? Part 6

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Requesting Beta CALs

To try out the Beta versions of TS Licensing you do not need to purchase CALs from Microsoft. Instead, you can install test license codes from Microsoft so that you can install Windows Server “Longhorn” beta CALs on a Windows Server “Longhorn” beta license server. To request such CALs, you can go to the Terminal Server License Code Request site and request your own unique code. To get more information on installing test Beta CALs, you could refer the TS Licensing Step-By-Step guide.

Here's the complete list of Longhorn Licensing articles:

  1. Per-User Tracking and Reporting
  2. Support for manual revocation of licenses
  3. Improvements to the License Manager User Interface to easily spot configuration issues
  4. Diagnosing issues in the Licensing environment
  5. WMI Providers for administration
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  • The per device revocation of TS CALs is great. It would be IDEAL to be able to have the same functionality for User CALs as well. Staff turnover is, unfortunately, a reality and it would be helpful to be able to free up licenses for departed (dearly?) staff as needed even if it required contacting MS support, etc.

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