Windows Server 2008 “Longhorn” Beta3 is available for download

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Please visit to download the Longhorn Server Beta 3 software or to order a DVD.

Terminal Services for Longhorn includes significant improvements to TS features like:

· Terminal Services Gateway

· Terminal Services Web Access

· Terminal Services Session Broker

· Terminal Services RemoteApp

· Terminal Services Management

· Terminal Services Licensing

· Terminal Services Printer Redirection

Use the Windows Server "Longhorn" Scenario Voting Tool at  to find the list of scenarios to try out along with linked documentation for areas such as Terminal Services Management, Gateway,  Licensing, Session Broker, and Web Access in Beta 3. You can also use this tool to provide feedback on your satisfaction after testing and the importance of the scenario to you. We encourage you to send us your comments and feedback.

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  • Why for what ever for ????? Windows Vista has not even been out very long all ready your Bringing out Windows 2008 what is the diffrence is it going to make.Your of your Trolley ant you.It took Microsoft Team 5 whole years to build Windows Vista all that efort and Tax moneys to pay just to build a new operating system and now pay the Microsoft Team to Build another Windows.Now wounder why this is such a very poor country and the fact that tax is soooooo god dam dear.You dont even need to bring out another operating System just yet.Part from bringing out Windows (2008( as its still (2007) the software is going to be this years software on an operating System thats named as (2008) you microsoft team seem,seem to be rushing far to much,you need to slow down a bit.Oh well Windows Vista did not seem to be the latest for very long did it seems as Windows XP lasted for 5 years you all are a foil for bringing out a whole freash new operating system in fact you all are of your trolleys ant you ?????

  • Dale, Windows Server 2008 is a server-only release.  The relationship is similar to the one between Windows XP and Windows Server 2003.


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Windows Server 2008 “Longhorn” Beta3 is available for download