Client Requirements for TS Web Access in Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate (RC0)

Starting with the RC0 release of Windows Server 2008, Terminal Services Web Access (TS Web Access) requires the most recent update to the Remote Desktop Connection (RDC) client software. This updated version is available in the beta versions of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 (SP1) and Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3).

If you are taking part in a Microsoft Connect Beta program, you can download the beta versions of Windows Vista SP1 or Windows XP SP3 from the program Web page.

If you are not an administrator, and you are using TS Web Access at your workplace, contact your system administrator to determine whether your workplace is participating in a Microsoft Beta program. If it is a participant, your system administrator can help you to obtain the updated RDC client software.

Information for Administrators

When a user who has an older version of the RDC client tries to use TS Web Access, they receive an error message with a URL that points them to more information. The target URL of the link currently points to this article. You can modify the target URL by using an ASP.NET application setting. To modify the target URL, follow these steps:

Note To complete this procedure, you must be an administrator of the TS Web Access Web site.

  1. Open IIS Manager on the server that hosts the TS Web Access Web site. To do this, click Start, point to Administrative Tools, and then click Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager.
  2. In the navigation pane of IIS Manager, expand the server name, expand Sites, expand Default Web Site, and then click TS. (By default, TS Web Access is installed to this location. If you installed TS Web Access to a different site, locate and then click the site name.)
  3. Under ASP.NET, double-click Application Settings.
  4. In the Actions pane, click Add.
  5. In the Add Application Setting dialog box, do the following:
    • a. In the Name box, type rdcInstallUrl.
    • b. In the Value box, enter the target URL for the link.

Note   To restore the link to point to the default URL, right-click the rdcInstallUrl application setting, and then click Remove.

Alternatively, you can use a text editor, such as Notepad, to directly modify the Web.config file for the TS Web Access Web site. By default, the path of the configuration file is %windir%\Web\ts\Web.config. To do this, under the <appSettings> section of the file, add an entry that is similar to the following, where URL is the target URL for the link:

<add key="rdcInstallUrl" value="http://URL" />

Additional Information

For more information about TS Web Access and about other Terminal Services features, see the Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services TechCenter or the TS Team Blog.

Thank you for using the pre-release version of TS Web Access.

Terminal Services Team

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  • Sorry Pierre I have never played with foreign versions of XP have you tried the procedure I outlined? It will probably make the client english but is that going to be a big problem.

    Remember the procedure I outlined is purely a stop gap until MS either release the final SP3 or an official standalone client.

  • I installed XP SP3 and I am still unable to conntect the applications on the ts web page.  I still get the "ActiveX control not installed or not enabled" but there is no activex that is disabled in ie.  What else do I need to do to active, besides installing XP SP3

  • When I checked, the XP SP3 update did not install rdc 6.1. It shows that I have rdc 6.0.6001.16659 (longhorn_rc0.070916-1443)

  • Rico, that is the correct and latest version of the client available at this time. Did you delete the reg keys as outlined by the MS TS team?

  • No I missed that.  Let me give it a try. That worked.  Thanks David.  Does the version you created still work?

  • Rico, yes it still works and you don't need to delete the reg keys for each user with my method.

  • David, do you have any idea why "Connect from anywhere" feature is not available in rdc3.1 installed on XP SP2 using your patch? I have get it to be working with printer redirection after installing .Net 3.0 SP1, so the only new feature I am still missing is HTTPS tunneling, which is strange, because with rdp 6.0 it worked.

  • Ok the remote app works and looks great with the beta sp3 and beta sp1. Nice job.

    Lets say you have the guts to be an early adoptor and you want server 2008 installed and working on the  day after the launch date( like me).

    Is Microsoft also expecting me to put beta service packs on my clients as well as rolling  out a new server out on the launch date.

    If thats the case its no wonder your calling us hero's.

    Please give up the active X control with the need to install a beta service pack.

  • Well well... backwards we go. First I try out Hyper-V to find out that no Vista additions yet and get told a hush hush we can't tell you much story. And now this. I can't test the remote apps because there is no RDC client except to install a huge SP service pack. And then there is the method to get the Vista Beta - no direct download - you have to get this update then that update. Took me ages. I am not happy! Just give us a client!

  • Will the TS Web still have the client update requirement after the launch of Windows 2008?

    If not, then what quarter can we expect an alternative implementation?

    This information would be very helpful in planning a 2008 Terminal server roll-out.


  • I simply cannot believe this is the way the new RDP client is being rolled out.  Unbelievable!

  • for test windows 2009 remote application serveur

  • Here is what I have experienced with Server 2008 and the terminal Services ActiveX Client control issue.

    On a XP machine running the older version of Internet explore (IE 6.0)

    I downloaded the XP sp3 (see link)

    Everything works all apps on SV TS 08 are available and I can test.

    So with XP sp3 and the old 6.0 version of IE on the client you should be good.

    BUT NOT with the new 7.0 version of IE.

    Machines (clients) running Vista….forget about it no luck to date if one follows the sp1 link you get a “sorry” message. Try it.

    “Sorry is right” What is particularly upsetting is that SV 08 and Vista are supposed to be so great together….what a pain.

  • Is there a RDP client for Server 2008 yet? Just got Server 2008 RTM off of Technet and now I can't login via rdp?? Perhaps there is one on the DVD? Havent looked yet.

  • Gary, the RDP client is installed with Windows Server '08.  Look in Start>Programs>Accessories, or just type "Remote Desktop" in the search box.

    If you're talking about logging into the WS08 server via RDP, you need to enable it.  Go to Server Manager, and click on "Configure Remote Desktop".


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Client Requirements for TS Web Access in Windows Server 2008 Release Candidate (RC0)