Video: Meet the Terminal Services Team

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As this blog has presented over the last few months, with Windows Server 2008, we have added plenty of key new functionality for Terminal Services. Recently, completed four episodes on Terminal Services in Windows Server 2008. The episodes interview members of the team and walk through demos of several new features for Windows Server 2008. Take a look and let us know what you think.


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  • I get a "Server Error in '/' Application." when I click on the links.  Other than that I can't wait to check these episodes out.

  • Good clips. :)

    I`ve seen all of them already.

  • I saw this post not long ago and figured it could use a little added attention. When we don't get to actually meet the people at Microsoft who make the product we administrate all day, sometimes its hard to put a personality on that product. That being

  • It's really nice to see that all people who made terminal services

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Video: Meet the Terminal Services Team