How MSIT Uses Terminal Services as a Scalable Remote Access Solution

How MSIT Uses Terminal Services as a Scalable Remote Access Solution

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The MSIT pilot project of Windows Server 2008 Terminal Services was so successful that Microsoft IT went on to test the scalability and performance into the production environment. The environment acts as a SSL-based remote access solution and MSIT was able to create a scalable remote access solution that is accessible by using HTTPS connections from any location worldwide. Additionally, user experience enhancements in Windows Server 2008 improved the end-user experience when using Terminal Services.

Technical White Paper | IT Pro Webcast

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  • was a two fold authentication such as SecurID from RSA or RAS services used for Internet security?

    If so, are there any white papers coming forth on such a thing?


  • Yes I'm interested in RSA integration as well?

    Also it seems odd to have TSWeb remoteapps use the TSGateway, but when you click over to the Remote Desktop tab and try connect to a server/workstation it doesn't use the TSGateway?

    We have had to manually had an .rdp shortcut as a remoteapp - which isn't a great workaround.

  • @paul:

    You can modify web.config to make the Remote Desktops tab use TS Gateway.  Look for the DefaultTSGateway and GatewayCredentialsSource settings.


  • @markbr: MSIT uses smartcards.  This would explain why smartcard is an available authentication option out-of-the-box.  (Smartcards require PINs so they still have the "something you know" component of two-factor.)


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