Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.1) for Windows XP SP2 x86 platforms

Hello everyone,

we heard a lot of feedback from you about the need for the Remote Desktop Connection client 6.1 to be made available as a standalone install for Windows XP SP2 to ease deployments of Windows 2008 Terminal Services.

In response to this feedback, we have released the Remote Desktop Connection client (RDC 6.1) for Windows XP SP2 on x86 platforms.

You can download RDC6.1 for Windows XP SP2 from the Microsoft Download Center (KB 952155) for the following languages:

Arabic, Chinese - Simplified, Chinese – Traditional, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese – Portugal, Portuguese – Brazil, Russian, Spanish – Spain, Swedish, Turkish.

We have also released the MUI package for RDC6.1 on Windows XP SP2 from the Microsoft Download Center (KB 952230).

These are some of the supported features of Remote Desktop Client 6.1 for Windows XP SP2:

  • Windows Server 2008 & Windows Vista feature support
  • TS Web Access support
  • TS Easy Print support
  • TS Remote Programs support
  • TS Gateway support

Please review the complete list of features and details about RDC6.1 for Windows XP SP2 in this Knowledge Base article.


 RDC6.1 is now available on the following platforms:


Windows Server 2008

Windows Vista SP1

Windows XP SP3

Windows XP SP2 (KB 952155)

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  • Hi Olga! SP3 avaliable only Windows XP x86 (it support <4 GB of RAM, i need supports at least 8 GB RAM & support CredSSP). Give me please manuals to install CredSSP on WinXP x64 or Win2003 x86 OS non-officially, if officially is not possiable.

  • sorry, but unfortunately there is no unofficial way to do this either on WS03 or XP x64 since CredSSP is not at all available on those OS's.

  • Why? Kernel of WS03/XPx64 SP2 don't support CreSSP? I'm very need the credssp on those OS's.  :(

  • After install KB952155 and connect to a remote windows 2003, I could see garbled codes in windows task manager. The steps are as following:

    1. Select all the available columns in menu View;

    2. Drag the horizontal scroll bar to the right most;

    3. Drag scroll bar back to the left most.

    Then you could see unreadable codes in column Image Name.

    And I met the same problem in my own application, the column header's text was unreadable. The problem happened only when remotely connect from XP to 2003 by using RDC 6.1.

    How can I fix this problem? Thanks.

  • I'm find the solution for my question.

    Q: How to enable the NLA on XPx64 or Win2003 TS clients?

    A: Install the Virtual PC or VMWare with XP SP3, connect to to TS server through the WinXP SP3 on Virtual environment.

    It is possiable...

    Microsoft corp. very cares about their users :(  

  • We need 6.1 on 2003 so we can connect to 2008 servers in Admin mode from the 2003 boxes.  Our 80+ users are required to RDP to the 2003 boxes and then RDP from there to client sites - this is done to prevent them from seeing clients' passwords (app running on 2003 box reads and supplies passwords).

    I tried copying the files from an XP client to the 2003 server, only to have Windows File Protection immediately overwrite the files with older ones.  Then, I booted in Safe Mode and replaced the ones in dllcache as well.  No luck, it didn't work at all - the client wouldn't even start.

    Where is link to a way to make this work?

  • "So why not just copy the MSTSC.exe and MSTSCAX.DLL from a windows xp box that is running 6.1 and overwrite the files on the 2003 server?  I don't know if causes and issue, but it looks like it worked OK when I did it."


    Actually this is the only way I found and so has worked without serious issues from a non TS win2k3 box.  That is to remove the 6.0 files and replace them with x32 XP files from the 6.1 installer.  This will not solve the issue for the 64bit users however. :(

    If you google this you can find a guide on how to accomplish the replacement on win2k3x32 with the XP binaries though.

    I'd link but I don't want the place being taken offline due ms b.s. since it was critically useful to me.

  • Is it possible to set incoming RDP sessions to a Windows XP Pro SP3 system with CredSSP enabled to require NLA?

  • No, unfortunately, it is not possible.

  • Quote from: Wednesday, December 10, 2008 7:45 PM by Patrick Rouse:  "Microsoft is not going to add the RDP 6.1 protocol stack to version 5 operating systems, i.e. XP and 2003, so you can either run 2008 Terminal Services and XP SP2+ clients with RDP 6.1 clients, or use an add-on product from companies like Quest or Citrix.

    "RDP 6.1 provides a 40% decrease in bandwidth over 6.0 and 5.x, and Quest's EOP provides a 500% to 100% decrease in bandwidth consumption, which is designed specifically for WAN/Internet connected users."


    I studied pretty much this whole post and there are very valid "business cases" where support for RDP 6.1 in WS2003 is needed.  The Microsoft guy, above, says that we can get a 40% decrease in bandwidth just by using the newer version.  And there are several paying customers who are asking for this to be made to work.  

    Customer's request... "Please make RDP6.1 work in Windows Server 2003, for many obvious reasons."

    Microsoft's response... "No."

    My response... my company is anxiously porting over from anything Microsoft to Open Source solutions, such as Linux where developers do heed the needs of their users, and due to the fact that Microsoft is apparently motivated only by making more money from people rather than supporting their products and enhancing those that they "produce".

    We are getting our base of thousands of users accustomed to the Linux GUI so that when we port over to Linux they will be familiar with it, which is the ONLY barrier from us moving to 100% free software, including the OS.

    I also notice that when questions are posted in Ubuntu forums, the techies always respond with a solution and never tell the customer that they have to buy software as the only solution.

    Go open source.

  • I stoppt usen Winblows long time ago and never lookt back. I've read this whole post and was LMAO. :)

    For all of you looken for solutions check out

  • You can apply the RDP 6.1 client for Windows XP on Windows 2003.  Download the 6.1 client, right click on the .exe file, properties, change the compatibility mode to XP, click OK, then run it.  -ken

  • Following on from the comments above regarding an official version of Terminal Services Client 6.1 for Windows Server 2003, there is definitely a real need for this. We are an organisation that primarily supports Linux, Solaris and some other UNIXes and as such, we have no Windows systems in our offices apart from a single Windows 2k3 server which is used as a staging system to support work for some customers whose infrastructure is mainly Windows-based. So we tend to use the win2k3 server as a desktop system on the few occasions we need to do something in Windows.

    I would like to try out the new https:-based Terminal Services gateway features in mstsc 6.1 with a view to possibly implementing a TSG on a customer's remote server farm running win2k3. This needs to be done using Windows software running on Windows - using open source alternatives to mstsc 6.1 on *N*X platforms may suit our organisation but it's of no use at all to our Windows-based customers!

    Come on Microsoft, releasing an officially-endorsed version of mstsc 6.1 for win2k3 will be seen as a positive & helpful move by your customers, and even by those who primarily support rival operating systems.


  • I work for a large IT company. We are a Microsoft partner. For our hosted services division we've been using TS, Propalms TSE, and Citrix along with UniPrint for easy universal printing. Currently I am beginning a test to see if Windows 2008R2 can provide both the secure web published applications layer we get from citrix and proplams and also a truly univeral remote printing solutions. A few days ago I began by installing a new Windows 2008R2 server and almost immediately ran into a brick wall. The RDC6.1 that is supposed to be configured and working on my XP SP3 desktop does not so I get nowhere when trying to connect to the new server rdweb interface. So after that failure, I decided to try it from the 2K3 64 server which is the Virtual Center Server for our vmware development. Of course I get the same problem. Now of course I could upgrade my workstation to Windows 7 or try to fix RDC6.1 on my XP workstation or I could use an alternate system for administration but the fact that I am only a few hours into this proof of concept and I've already ran into what I feel should be a pretty simple solution, is leaving me with, once again, a real bad feeling about this new product. So I went looking for a solution and I found this forum. I've read through the entire forum. I noticed some of the early posts were from 2008?????? And this still has not been resolved? I thought the new 2008R2 Terminal services changes were put in place to try and regain some market share from citrix and propalm and uniprint and other third party vendors who historically provided products that either out performed microsoft offerings or had additonal required features that microsoft was too short sited to include. But as I am reading through these posts I'm finding microsoft personnel suggesting third party products to solve issues that should have been address by microsoft in the first place ????  ???? ?????? ???? I am absolutely dumb founded. How does this happen? So what do I do from here? Well, I'll have to finish my testing and if ( HUGE IF ) everything else works as advertised, I'll need to add a huge caveat that in order for this new platform to be viable for our over 2000 hosted clients, they'll all need to be running one of the particular OS version that microsoft decided would require RDC6.1 . Do you realize that I can install Propalms connection manager and/or citrix client and/or Uniprint on MORE VERSION OF WINDOWS THAN IS SUPPORTED BY RDC6.1 . Not to mention all the non-windows client support these other vendors offer. Way to go guys. You really put citrix in their place with this new release! Excellent work, as always.

  • Why not just install Remote Desktop Client v7?

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Remote Desktop Connection (Terminal Services Client 6.1) for Windows XP SP2 x86 platforms