Saving TS Client Settings in an RDP File

Saving TS Client Settings in an RDP File

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Whenever you run the TS Client without specifying an explicit RDP file, the settings used for the remote session are always automatically saved back to Default.rdp. This is a hidden file located in your “My Documents” or “Documents” folder:

C:\Documents and Settings\user1\My Documents>attrib
A    H     C:\Documents and Settings\user1\My Documents\Default.rdp

If you wish to use an RDP file other than Default.rdp, you can specify the RDP file directly from the command line:

mstsc myrdpfile.rdp

Or, you can click Open, select the RDP file, and then click Connect.


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  • Is it possible to arbitrarily create a RDP session? e.g. change the "screen mode id:i:" in the saved file and then be able to connect to two simultaneous RDP sessions (with same credentials) - one could be the 'saved' one and the new id would create a completely new session.

    I'm not sure but I believe this used to be possible before the no session-0 fix.

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