“Smart-Sizing” the TS Client

“Smart-Sizing” the TS Client

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Since the Windows XP timeframe, the TS Client has had the ability to run in “smart-sized” mode (users of Remote Assistance will be familiar with this mode). Smart-sized mode means that the entire remote desktop is always visible in the client window, with no scrollbars being necessary. In effect, for the same size client window, smart-sizing shows you more graphic data, while a non-smart-sized client window has to use scrollbars and shows much less.

Smart-sized client view of a user’s desktop:


Non-smart-size client view (with scrollbars) of the same desktop:


You cannot enable smart-sizing through the TS Client UI, but you can switch it on using RDP file settings. Add the following line to Default.rdp (or any other custom RDP file that you use):

smart sizing:i:1

The next time you connect, your client view will be smart-sized.

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  • Unfortunately adding



    to Default.rdp of Remote Desktop Connection for Mac does not work. Is it supported on Mac? If yes, which keyname is correct?

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  • Can it be used from an ActiveX ?

  • IMsRdpClientAdvancedSettings::SmartSizing Property


  • @Robert Lacroix:

    The Mac RDC supports smart-sizing in the UI (View/Fit to Window) but there's no way to save it.

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  • Anybody know how to get this working with the Remote Desktops snap in? Just editing the default.rdp does not seem to work.

  • Is there any documentation available on this switches?

  • I run my desktop at 1280 by 800. At the end of my shortcut to remote desktop I added mstsc.exe /w:1100 /h:700 after the mstsc.exe. This sets my resolution and screen size slightly smaller than my desktop, with no scroll bars; which allows access to the common shortcuts that I have visible off to the side.

  • @termserv: yes figured it out in the meantime, it's Command+1. Thanks!

  • リモートデスクトップの画面をウィンドウに合わせて縮小表示する方法 "smart sizing"

  • Are there the document of rdp file ?

  • This is a excellent, I was very tired of RDP resizing the resolution of the remote host to match the local client.

    Now that it's in a scaling window, I'd like a way to lock the aspect ratio so that I can manually resize the window without having it stretch or squish. Is there any way to do that?

  • Hi everybody :) If you are having some RDP problems and your running updated version of Windows 7,here is a fix: uninstall update KB2830477. Its an optional update,but It was causing those problems (Frozen gui after resize or minimize).

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