New Version of RDS Application Analyzer

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Several changes have been made to the RDS Application Analyzer to fix various issues reported by users over the last few months. The latest version of the tool can be downloaded from:

Fixed compatibility with App Verifier

Firstly, RDS Application Analyzer has some compatibility issues with App Verifier 4.0. This has been resolved by using App Verifier 3.4 as a default.

If you have App Verifier installed, you will be directed to download and install App Verifier 3.4 by the RDS Compatibility Analyzer. However, if you already had App Verifier 4.0, then you will get a warning about the compatibility issues as usual. This behavior hasn’t been changed.

If you already have App Verifier 4.0 and want to use the RDS Application Analyzer, you need to uninstall App Verifier 4.0. After that, running the RDS Compatibility Analyzer will automatically start the download for App Verifier 3.4.

Fixed problems in XP environment

This issue is also fixed. Now you should be able to use the RDS Application Analyzer on Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 2003 as well.

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  • This is real good help.It was a limitation for us as it did n't work expectedly with our XP boxes earlier. RDS A A with APP Verifer 3.4 is useful combination to meet terminal service demands.

    Thank you for this.

  • Hi, there is some issues launching RDSAnalyzerService? I have popup error 1067 !

    Windows 2003 SP2

    Please for help


  • Hi!

    Please note that we currently run into problems using MS RDS Application Analyzer Version

    We already did some investigation and tried several different approaches mentioned on different websites without success.

    The application always reports the following problem: RDSAnalyzerService (TSAnalyzerService) is not running ...

    Could you please provide us with some additional helpful information?

    Is there another way or tool to check an application/executable regarding Terminal Server compatibility?

    Thank you very much in advance.

    Your help is much appreciated!

  • Unfortunately the download link is broken.  Where else can I download the RDS Application Analyzer?

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New Version of RDS Application Analyzer