Documentation Available for Microsoft RemoteFX

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The RemoteFX documentation team has been hard at work creating topics that you can use to evaluate and deploy Microsoft RemoteFX within your environment. Following is a list of all the RemoteFX documents that were published to coincide with the Windows Server 2008 R2 with Service Pack 1 release.

The following documents were created for Microsoft RemoteFX:

The following existing Remote Desktop Services documents were updated to include Microsoft RemoteFX:

For information about the RemoteFX WMI provider documentation, see MSDN.

If you are interested in seeing more Remote Desktop Services documentation, see the Remote Desktop Services TechCenter.

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  • Great list! Contains all the info on setting up Remote FX.

    Kind regards,

    Freek Berson

  • I have found a bug in RemoteFX. I have done everything and setup everything correctly but when I login via RDP-client choosing "LAN"-option, the user is forced to log out. I see a black screen and the user logs off.

    The Events in security show that user logs in and in the same second logs out.

    The Event för the RemoteFX inside the virtual machine shows that "it uses remotefx correctly" but the user can't login!

    If I switch to "WAN" or lower option in the RDP-client the user can login but RemoteFX is of course disabled.

    What to do to solve this bug? Where to turn?

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Documentation Available for Microsoft RemoteFX