Mac RDP Source Code Now Available to RDP Licensees

Mac RDP Source Code Now Available to RDP Licensees

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In a previous blog entry, we announced that Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) licensees now had access to RDP source code to help licensees make their own RDP clients. We've now expanded that source code to include not only the Windows RDP source, but the source for the Mac RDP client. As with the Windows RDP source, this code is for reference only and only available to RDP licensees.

The Mac RDP client source code includes the following features.



Connectivity and capability, including codec negotiation

Maintains connectivity stages and client capability exchange.

Bulk compression

Includes multiple bulk compressors, including the most recent RDP 7 era decompressors.

Bitmap compression

Includes multiple bitmap compressors.

Clipboard redirection

Supports copy and paste of text.

Audio playback redirection

Enables basic audio remoting over RDP that is played on the client device.

 For more information about the Mac RDP client, see the Microsoft Office:mac site. To learn more about the business aspects of licensing RDP, please send email to IP Licensing Requests at

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  • Does the Mac RDP client support IPv6 nowadays?  What about TLS?

  • Answering my question: yes, it uses TLS.  It looks like IPv6 is not there yet, though.

  • Is there any word about updating the existing Microsoft Mac RDC client to connect throught a RD gateway?

  • Does the Mac RDP client support RemoteApp (on a Windows Server 2008)?

  • Hi, Bob, The Mac RDP client provides access to a full desktop. You can download it for free from the link in the blog if you'd like to check it out directly, too.

  • Does the Mac RDP client (and source code) have support for /span and /multimon features?

  • if  we had gatewat support for mac we should move away from citrix  !!!!!! PLEASE WE NEED GATWAY SUPPORT !

  • Seriously, the only RDP app for MAC at the moment is CoRD... and unfortunately the developer is a drunk college student that doesn't entirely care about the project (fair enough).

    The problem is that the Microsoft app for the Mac is atrociously bad... so that leaves CoRD the reigning king... a pathetic state of affairs for people who need to RDP into a Windows machine from a Mac.

    Anyone who uses it, knows that RDP is the fastest protocol for day-to-day work... so we REALLY need a good client for the Mac... with all these Windows (business) people buying up the new Macbook Air... I guarantee there's money to be made with a SOLID Mac client.

    Somebody, fill this void!!!!

  • @Jackson, I'm not drunk, just busy completing an EE degree!

  • Jackson - Take a look at ITAP RDP client for Mac. It supports TS/RD Gateway, but not Remote App as best as I can tell. It has allowed us to give Mac users direct access to remotely controlling Windows-based workstations behind an RD Gateway for the cost of the app and an RD CAL.

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