Windows Thin PC Preview Now Available

Windows Thin PC Preview Now Available

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Today Microsoft announced the availability of the Windows Thin PC public Community Technology Program (CTP) release.

 Windows Thin PC is a Software Assurance (SA) benefit that provides a low footprint, locked down version of Windows 7 that enables organizations to repurpose existing PCs as thin clients with  RemoteFX support included. Any registered user of Microsoft Connect can try it out.  To do so, sign on to Microsoft Connect and search products for "Windows Embedded" to find the program "Windows Thin PC."

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  • if you want to deliver WinTPC to re-purposed devices, the easiest way - I think -  is diskless. I've successfully tested WinTPC with the latest version of Double-Take Flex (v3.3) and its new Provisioning Wizard. Shared read-only WinTPC installations can be provisioned direct to iSCSI for diskless boot from SAN with about 5 clicks...

  • Not able,to see both  CD or DVD drives

  • @Victor: do you mean neither CD nor DVD drives, or do you mean they can't both be present and be recognized?

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